photo by Toon Grobet, toilets at former chapel 'Kapel de Waterhond', Klaarchitectuur

about DAPh

DAPh is a unique collective of professional photographers specialised in architectural photography.

Combined we have more than 150 years of experience in a variety of fields within the construction industry.

We can offer all aspects of still photography and video /Time Lapse films for small to extra large projects, in any field, for any purpose and in every stage of building. We are experts in marketing-, branding- and sales-related image productions.

DAPh can deliver architectural photography that is fully customised to your needs and demands, professionally crafted and executed by passionate top photographers.

DAPh offers you the full package and takes care of everything while respecting deadlines and budgets.

We push the button AND do the rest !

About DAPh


ARCHITECT@WORK has an international partnership with the professional DAPh team. Every second year DAPh selects and photographes outstanding architectural projects that match with our new theme. With those DAPh images ARCHITECT@WORK travels around the world. From Istanbul to Rotterdam, from London to Toronto. DAPh has become an esteemed partner of ARCHITECT@WORK. We cherish the inspiring input of the super DAPh team and their innovative ways to present and expose their images!


Nathalie Sandra, Architect@work

“Every time we need professional photography we contact DAPh. We are most satisfied with DAPh’s mode of operation. We are always invited to have a talk about our expectations well in advance of the shoot and we get notified beforehand when the photographer will be on site.

The way our product fits best within a specific architectural context is something DAPh photographers determine themselves. This results in extraordinary images that are far from standard. Even on a rainy day DAPh succeeds in making surprisingly captivating images of facades.

We are delighted with our pleasant collaboration and we hope to partner up more with DAPh in the future.”


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