A new website for a new decade. Explore and experience.

A new website for a new decade.                            Explore and experience.
  • 09 January 2020

The last few months we’ve been working hard on setting up a brand new website for DAPh, the established collective of independent architectural photographers from the low countries.

Today we launch phase 1 of the site. A showcase of the acclaimed work of all our partner photographers.

On the portfolio page you can find 9 galleries dedicated to: exterior, interior, dusk, details, from above, construction & infrastructure & industry, city-&landscape, arty and video.

Here you can enjoy a selection of our work on those topics. 

We also incorporated a powerful database in which you can search on a great variety of keywords such as, location, function, people, material, architect, etc. When you enter a search term in the dedicated frame you’ll get suggestions as you type. Choose one and click the magnifying glass and abracadabra the thumbnail grid changes and shows all the images related to your search term.

All images you see on our site are available in high resolution. 

If you like them let us know !  

If you want them just send us an email ! We’ll send you the terms of sale and the images asap.

So you can use them to boost your branding, marketing and sales communication.

In phase 2 , which  is planned by the end of February, the portfolio pages will be extended with a semi-automated order module to make things much easier for you.

Also in phase 2, as a DAPh client, you will get your own login that leads you directly to your designated private portfolio page containing separate galleries for each assignment we shot for you. There you will be able to select your favorite images in a very intuitive way.

Enjoy the new site and lets partner up as a winning team in this new decade!

Hennie, Imre, Jan-Paul, Katja, Merijn, Thea, Toon.

Photographer : Katja Effting / DAPh
Project: Operahuset i Oslo
Architect: Snøhetta

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