A Modern Utopia – DAPh at GEVEL 2020

A Modern Utopia – DAPh at GEVEL 2020
  • 21 January 2020

GEVEL asked us to design an eye catcher at the entrance of GEVEL 2020. Mosaiek Architecten came up with a wonderful design, based on the well known pavilion ‘Maison d’Artiste’ by Cornelis van Eesteren en Theo van Doesburg.

It was up to DAPh to come up with images that match the theme. But how do you photograph something that only exist in someone’s imagination? That’s the challenge the photographers of DAPh took on for GEVEL 2020. DAPh produced and selected a series of images that combined invoke a modern architectural utopia. From a golden front of a very special educational concept to an ethereal image full of light and water. From the remarkable fusion of old and new architecture to a Scandinavian view on living and an ecological bird observatory. An utopia ceases to be an utopia once it is realized. But sometimes reality seems to good to be true.

Join us at GEVEL 2020, from January 28 – 30 in Ahoy Rotterdam.
More information: www.gevel-online.nl

Photographer : Katja Effting / DAPh
Project: TIJ
Architect: RO&AD architecten, RAU architecten

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